Fleet Week 2012: Top O’ The Skank Heap

Today is the beginning of FLEET WEEK 2012 in New York City! A week-long orgy of patriotism, sailors and drunken makeouts, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: FLEET WEEK IS LIKE CHRISTMAS FOR SLUTS LIKE US! It’s a time … Continue reading

The FDA wants YOU to get wasted.

Ahhhhh Thursday Evening! AKA “FRIDAY EVE!” For me and many others, Thursdays will always be fondly recalled as the night we went out partying /drinking in college (on a weekly basis.) Inevitably, each night of “overindulging” ended the same way: … Continue reading

Extreme Stream

Happy TUES-THE-EXTREME Day errbody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today is the day of the week you and I make a concerted effort to live life in the EXTREME! Be it wearing a bikini in the freezing cold, eating a 5 pound burrito all by yourself … Continue reading

If I could give you only one present…

Let me be the first to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving Monday! This week I’ll be packing it up and writing from the family ranch, 5 hours north of Angry Baby Manor (Texas is a big state, Y’ALL!.) But not … Continue reading

This will terrify the peanuts out of you!

Hi, my name is the Crib Keeper, and I have a problem. I can’t stop watching auction and resale shows! On my DVR at the moment are no less than 4 shows devoted to hocking, and bidding on other people’s … Continue reading

Trick Cake (not what it sounds like.)

When I first got the email in my inbox with: “trick cake” as the title, I thought immediately about a cake for triflin’-azzed skanks like myself. I perked up and yelled: “It’s about time!” Sadly, this was not a cake for … Continue reading