13 Valentine’s Day Fails That Will Warm Your Shriveled Heart

The internet is a beautiful thing. One minute it’s connecting humanity, sharing ideas from the world over, and the next moment it’s giving us hilarious crotch shots. One thing I really HATE about the internet (other than LOUD and embarrassing … Continue reading

True Love is Dead: Captain and Tennille are Divorcing

Get me a frozen tub of cool whip, 2 cans of aerosol cheese and a gallon of Riunite, STAT! Shut out all sunshine, dismantle any outward displays of happiness, and tell Phyllis to hold my calls, I’m gonna need some … Continue reading

Twerk and Selfie are Now in the Oxford Dictionary (Alternate Title: I JUST CAN’T)

Blow out the candles, turn off the lights and lock up when you’re done because humanity as we know it is OVER. A coupla¬†weeks ago, I reported on the fact that those sluts at Miriam-Webster now include a definition of … Continue reading

Cupcakes: You’re Doing It Wrong.

Make a note of today. The date you are reading this post needs to be etched in your memory forever. Until now, each and every one of you have been eating cupcakes incorrectly. Leave it to our friends at I … Continue reading

Reading Rainbow is Coming back…sorta.

“Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as hiiiiiigh…Take a look, it’s in a book an iPad, a Reading Rainbow!” Good Morning, Boils and Ghouls! I’m on tip-top o’ the world today. Why? 1. Angry Baby woke up in … Continue reading