Megalodon One Step Closer To Being Found

Several years ago, I created this clap-trap hobo parlor of a website as a way to escape the postpartum doldrums dealing with an Angry Baby. Eventually, my kid calmed the Hell down, and grouchymuffin began to delve into other topics … Continue reading

Record Huge Killer Shark Caught Off The California Coast

Monday morning, a team of fishermen filming an Outdoor Channel Reality Show called, “The Professionals,” caught an 11 ft. 1,323.5 lb. Mako Shark off the coast of Huntington California in the Sea of Cortez. The shark is currently being verified as … Continue reading

Prehistoric Sea Monster Caught in Jersey (Kill it With Fire)

New Jersey, the garden state and our nation’s go to place for overtanned gaudy baboons, has a new reason for the rest of us to avoid their beloved state. This mojo right here:   What you’re looking at is a mystery … Continue reading

Extinct Whale Found Alive (I Think You Know Where I’m Going With This One)

Santa Claus may be a wheezy old bear wrapped in velvet, AKA the ULTIMATE CHRISTMAS Queen, but this year homeboy has already given yours truly a heckuva gift. This week it was announced the Pygmy Right Whale, a creature that … Continue reading

Massive Great White Shark Caught In Sea Of Cortez

Fishermen have long warned that large, man-eating sharks roam the Sea of Cortez. For years, science laughed at their sunbeaten butts. Well, the joke’s on those eggheads, because lookie what a couple of humble Mexican fisherman pulled out of the Cortez! It’s a 20ft. … Continue reading

Beautiful People are Selfish. Alternate Title: Duh.

When I last checked, Time magazine was the mag you got stuck with in the doctor’s office waiting room when all of the “good ones,” were taken. Apparently, they are also into breaking stories that aren’t new news and educating us … Continue reading