Teef Terror 2013: First Trip To The Dentist

Once upon a time, I created this clap-trap hobo parlor of a website to help document my adventures with an extremely Angry (albeit adorable) Baby. I know it might be hard for you to fathom this, seeing as 99% of my blog is … Continue reading

Hubris (Don’t know the meaning? Look it up, I can’t do everything for you.)

Not gonna lie, the New Year ruled for me (Dick Clark and all) it started with a Bang! (I’m talking about fireworks, you pervert!) And continued with yours truly being productive, de-cluttering, and for the most part, spending time with … Continue reading

“BULLET TRAIN TO HECK” Fall 2011 Edition: Who Farted?

At approximately 4:30am Saturday morning, Lover fo’ Life, Angry Baby, yours truly, my sister and her fiancée(!) pulled out of our driveway, the SUV filled to the gills with baby gear, weddin’ outfits, road snax and 4 grown adults. As the truck … Continue reading

Nap Wars: Laying Bach Down.

Greetings ladies and germs, I can assure you that at this very moment you have a better soundtrack playing in your background. I write this to you from inside the trench during a humdinger of a Nap War battle. Angry Baby … Continue reading