Friday, you sure have the stink lines of a Monday.

I sincerely hope all of you beautiful babies are having a WONDERFUL FRIDAY MORNING! Me? Ha! I just killed my 5th Droid cell phone. I murder phones for a living. Not really, but I should. I’m the Tony Soprano of cellular … Continue reading

Clearly, I’m insane.

You know the best thing about getting a window into the world of living with an Angry Baby? When the spit hits the fan, you’re far away from the action. It’s gonna be one of those weekends you’ll be SOOOOOO GLAD you’re … Continue reading

Another Smashing Success! (Well, except for the EXTREME JERKS)

Baby Sis LURVED the Smashburger, and I FINALLY was able to right the wrong of my Sunday Smashburger snub. My burger was delicious, it’s like they knew I wrote wonderful things about them yesterday. Because my Smashburger was off the charts delicious. Oh, wait…THAT’S … Continue reading