Happy Schoolin’ Texas!

Today is the day that MOST Texas schools are BACK IN SESSION. Parents are weeping, tears of joy and sobs of “Where did the time go!?” Me? I’m bummed the traffic will be kicking back up, but I’m also filled with glee. You see, … Continue reading

The Following Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Believe it or not, even budding super villains tear up sometimes. This morning, I was reduced to a lip-quivering, snot bustin,’ blubbering, gold-heart after watching the following video. YouTube User MidwestCurrans explains it all in the video’s description: “Matt has Spastic CP, … Continue reading

It’s Official: Alcohol Makes You Smarter!

Last month, for those of you sober enough to remember it, I introduced you to the University of Wisconsin Study that found daydreaming made you smarter through enhancing your “Working Memory Capacity.” Well, guess what babies, there’s a NEW study … Continue reading

Parents Ruin Everything!

Folks in a Colorado neighborhood have cancelled their yearly Easter Egg hunt for kiddies. Seems the running, yelling, pushing and greedy grabbing, was just too much. No, kids weren’t responsible for the aggressive behavior, it was the parents who were to blame. … Continue reading

Daydreaming Turns You Real Smart-Like

Awwwww Yeah Babies! It’s TUES-the-Extreme Day, the day you and I devote to LIVING LIFE IN THE EXTREME! Whatever you do today, be EXTREME! This fine TUES-the-Extreme Day, I’ve got some extremely WONDERFUL NEWS! It’s going to change the way co-workers, teachers and family … Continue reading