Ron Burgundy to Get His Own Ben & Jerry’s Flavor (Alternate Title: Knights of Columbus!)

This Christmas, Anchorman 2 premieres and while we’ve been gifted with trailers, teasers and Dodge Durango commercials, I’m HUNGRY FOR MORE RON BURGUNDY! As if an answer to my polyester prayers and rich mahogany dreams , Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream announced … Continue reading

Make Way For the Tetris Master. Alternate Title: Extreme Talent!

Happy Tues-the-Extreme Day, my beautiful babies! Today’s the day of the week we devote to living TUES the EXTREME! Whatever you do today, make sure you find some time to BE EXTREME! In the spirit of this special day of the … Continue reading

Moustache Monday: Happy Holidays Edition!

Merry Moustache Monday, my beautiful babies! It’s that time of the season when we remember the reason for moustache celebration. Lip Sweaters of the world: get ready, today is all about you! Happy Moustache Monday!!! (YES I spell it the European way, MOUSTACHE is funnier, … Continue reading