New Article Alert! Say Hello To: Bex’s Booze Musings!

Boy do I have a REAL TREAT for y’all today! A little while ago, I contacted a devastatingly beautiful and hilarious friend of mine who also happens to be one of the country’s best and brightest Mixologists. In a job … Continue reading

The Burger King Bacon Sundae, ALTERNATE TITLE: I Give Up

Bacon has left a permanent grease window on the soul of the American identity. Several years ago, bacon became pop culture’s go to mana, and it’s been clogging up my life ever since. See, while I enjoy bacon for what it … Continue reading

Invasion of the Alien Cannibal Killer Shrimp

Coming soon, to a gulf near you it’s the Alien Cannibal Killer GIANT Shrimp! The Asian Tiger Shrimp AKA star of my culinary fantasies, are INVADING the US!!! Fishermen and Shrimpers are pulling them out of the gulf of Mexico at an alarming … Continue reading

When Do The Lies Stop, Pizza Hut!?

Pizza Hut, the AMERICAN CREATED chain of cheese-slinging pizza joints, made news on my humble little drunk tank of a website 2 weeks ago when it was revealed that the Pizza jerks created a HOTDOG STUFFED CRUST PIZZA (complete with … Continue reading


  Most of you chumps are grumbling the end of a luxurious extended weekend, and while I wish I had an upbeat, awesome post to help ease you into the pill-kick that today is sure to be, I don’t. We’ve … Continue reading

Most Delicious Firing From a Job, EVAH!

The Olive Garden. While many of you would assume I’m an O.G. hater, simply because I hate on 99% of the stuff out there, I’m not. Olive Garden is a carbohydrate wonderland, filled with some of humanity’s finest freaks  connoisseurs … Continue reading