Greatest Babysitters Ever.

An engaged couple from Zurich, Erica and Hannes, were asked to babysit a good pal’s baby for the day. Being solid gold awesome friends, they said “sure.” When they arrived to baby watch, their nervous first time father friend, spent … Continue reading

60-Year-Old-Girl Meme is the Newest and Greatest of ALL TIME

Monday night redditor, Beerdrummer, posted an old elementary school photo of his wife with the caption: “My wife looked like a 60 year old woman as a child.” Because the internets can be magic and hilarious when they want to be, … Continue reading

Motivational Fitness Quotes + Pictures of Drunk People = Drunkspiration

Back in September, a new subreddit was created called: “Drunkspiration.”  Drunkspiration, for those of you unfamiliar, is when you take fitness motivational quotes and pair them with pictures of drunk people. The genius combo is guaranteed to help give you the … Continue reading

Fleet Week 2012: Top O’ The Skank Heap

Today is the beginning of FLEET WEEK 2012 in New York City! A week-long orgy of patriotism, sailors and drunken makeouts, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: FLEET WEEK IS LIKE CHRISTMAS FOR SLUTS LIKE US! It’s a time … Continue reading