This is Pretty Much the Creepiest Music Video In the World

2 years ago, the internet was infected with the viral non-sensation of a song, “Friday,” performed by Rebecca Black. Last month, the impresario responsible for Ms. Black, Patrice Wilson, introduced his newest protegé, Alison Gold, with a song called, “Chinese … Continue reading

The Worst Thing to Happen to Thanksgiving Since The Pilgrims

One of my greatest joys as a foolery slinger is I have a vast array of readers and fellow time-wasting enthusiasts who are always on the lookout for things that I should share with you. Do I always use people’s … Continue reading

Presented Without Comment: Boys Boys Boys (Girls Rock!)

Vanity videos. Is there any more entertaining form of parental excess? Last year, Rebecca Black’s spoiled screams skyrocketed to the top of internet infamy with her festering boil of a single, “Friday.” Hate it or really hate it, you’ve got to admit…that … Continue reading

Extreme Anthem (Pound on My Muffin)

Let me be the first to wish you all a HAPPY TUES-the-EXTREME day! Today is the day of the week we dedicate to LIVING LIFE IN THE EXTREME! Be it through extreme time-wasting, skankery, or surfing on a river of lava. … Continue reading