Post By Mad Dad: A Cynic’s View of Sea World

   A Cynic’s View of Sea World I’m pretty sure that uneasy feeling I got started when I saw a majestic, white-as-the-driven-snow beluga whale being ridden by a trainer. That beast of the sea tamed and emasculated ridden like a … Continue reading

Post On Request: Cribsy’s Top Ten Favorite Flicks

Reader Taryn R. won our latest round of Caption This, and gave me the following topic: “your top 10 favorite movies of all time and why” Being as I’m never one to shy away from talking about myself, I am … Continue reading

All the More Reason He Needs to Direct Angry Baby’s Baptism Video

I LOVE QUENTIN TARANTINO! He’s the greatest director  of all time(!) He’s the greatest SCREENWRITER of all time(!!) He’s A 70’s POPCULTURE encyclopedia*(!!!) If you’re sensing a trend here, you are correct: HE CAN DO NO WRONG in the Crib … Continue reading