Pumpkin Pie Vodka: Thank You, America!

When I awoke this morning, I heard birds chirping a delightful song of celebration, the sun streamed on my pillow in a perfect beam of gloriousness and the world seemed in love with my being here. Then I logged on to my computing … Continue reading

Pumpkin Spice Product Update Time!!!!!!!!!!!!

Less than two weeks from Thanksgiving and it’s like Christmas for Pumpkin Spice flavored product nut jobs like yours truly. If you are one of my people, you no doubt have the same biological inclination to purchase every single Pumpkin-Spiced flavored product … Continue reading

Post By Mad Dad: The Honeycrisp

  The Honeycrisp If I told you this was the greatest apple in the world, would you believe me? That’s lofty talk from ol’ Mad Dad. I’m certainly one for hyperbole, but I will guarantee you this: If the honeycrisp … Continue reading