Caption This Winner!

“What do you mean nobody brought a lighter?” – Uncle Fester Thanks to ALL who had the guts to enter a Marijuana-themed Caption This! Guess what? All you degenerates were HILARIOUS! Uncle Fester, you know what to do, send me your topic … Continue reading

Our Second Ever Caption This Contest!!!

How’s this for an easy contest? Come up with a funny, clever or cute caption for the picture below. Simply comment on this blog post with your entry, and I will judge which I like the best. The prize is … Continue reading

Our First Ever Caption This Contest!!! Alternate title: Don’t blow it

Ladies and Gentlemen, boils and ghouls your old pal the Crib Keeper has a new series to debut this fine FRIDAY!!! I am proud to announce the debut of  CAPTION THIS! Since I am no visionary and folks have been … Continue reading