Veggie Ice Cream Truck is the Greatest Prank of the Summer

Oh beautiful for spacious thighs…America’s large and in charge, y’all! They can take our freedoms but don’t you dare try to take our ice cream novelties. What would happen if an ice cream truck man decided to substitute the good sh*t (veggies and fruits) in place … Continue reading

Kids Today Have it All Wrong

  Even though my sense of humor parallels that of a 14-year-old boy, I’m what you might call, “grown.” I have a mortgage, kid, a ball and chain (just kiddin’ wit ya, L4L!) and real responsibilities. Luckily, the booze and sarcasm help me … Continue reading

Practical Jokes Worth the Inevitable Jail Time

The 1980’s were a heady time for being a prankster. TV’s Bloopers and Practical Jokes was a hit show and the joke-shop boom of the early eighties had every child in America going through a joy buzzer/dribble glass phase. But the adults … Continue reading

Let the McRibbing Begin!

I have documented the personal connection Lover fo’ Life and I have with the  McRib Sandwich. See post: Straight From the Vault Those of you who have read the piece, or personally know me, know it is the start of my … Continue reading