Adventure Time Inspired Artwork is Positively Mathematical

Los Angeles Pop Culture purveyors, Gallery 1988, are at it again. The champions of art are currently showcasing masterpieces inspired by Pendleton Ward’s genius series, Adventure Time.  If you aren’t watching Adventure Time, please consider falling down the candy-colored acid … Continue reading

Adorable Versions of Your Favorite Characters Doing Everyday Stuff

Celebrities, both real and fictitious, are JUST LIKE US! Austin-based artist, Mike Mitchell decided to answer the question, “what do beloved pop cultural characters look like doing normal life things?” Theses precious masterpieces are from Mitchell’s on-going series titled, “Just … Continue reading

Los Angeles Art Gallery About to Kick the Louvre in its Grapes

June 29th an exhibit opens at Gallery 1988  that is so incredible, it makes a sunset look like dog turds. The title of the Art Exhibition is: “There’s Always Money In the Banana Stand,” Gallery 1988’s  Tribute to Arrested Development Today the gallery released … Continue reading