Nowhere to Go But Up

Well, well, well, America, look what you did ya little jerk. After years of enduring internet flame wars, a 24-hour news cycle, and the cancer that is social media, our country is now in a fight for her identity. Y’all, IDGAF about … Continue reading

Meet the Press Has Nothing on This Hot Mess

I have to admit, I’m not much of a political scholar, but I think I’d fit right in if I were ever to be elected to Jordan’s parliament, those tricks roll hard. Last week, Mohammed Shawabka a member of Jordan’s parliament appeared … Continue reading

A Bittersweet Day for Shark Enthusiasts

What if I told you there was a private yacht in existence with a 120 ton aquarium on board? Well there is. Matter of fact, the private floating aquarium is for one fish only: DEADLY SHARKS. If you’re like me … Continue reading

Steinbeck’s Epic Texas Quote

  I’ll admit, the title of this post mimic’s that of one written by an English Teacher trying to trick her students into reading John Steinbeck. But seeing as today is TEXAS INDEPENDENCE DAY, this post is merely trying to trick … Continue reading

State of the Union: Kathy Proctor is Doing it Right.

Lover fo’ Life is a politics junkie, his bachelor’s degree is in the subject. Of course it’s useless in his career, but his still enjoys a deep and impressive command of theory and current events. Some men watch sports, L4L … Continue reading