We Tried It: Hot Dog Stuffed Pizza

Lover Fo’ Life is home from his business trip abroad and is safely back in the states. While away, he informed me that Dominos Scotland had a knock-off of Pizza Hut’s infamous Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza. The very one … Continue reading

The Sweet Smell of Processed Cheese and Meat Grease

  Pizza Hut, the culinary sandbaggers of the world, have gone and done it again. Once more the company has decided to completely ignore its target market, AMERICA. Canada, our mild neighbors to the north are some lucky SOBs today. In … Continue reading

When Do The Lies Stop, Pizza Hut!?

Pizza Hut, the AMERICAN CREATED chain of cheese-slinging pizza joints, made news on my humble little drunk tank of a website 2 weeks ago when it was revealed that the Pizza jerks created a HOTDOG STUFFED CRUST PIZZA (complete with … Continue reading


  Most of you chumps are grumbling the end of a luxurious extended weekend, and while I wish I had an upbeat, awesome post to help ease you into the pill-kick that today is sure to be, I don’t. We’ve … Continue reading