Post By Mad Dad: The Brilliance of “Frozen”

  The Brilliance of “Frozen” If you are like me and have a daughter you have probably heard the songs “Let It Go,” “Do You Want To Build A Snowman?” and “Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People” no less than 2,174,398,245 … Continue reading

Artist Turns R-Rated Movies Into Children’s Book Illustrations

Storyboard Artist Josh Cooley has spent the last decade toiling away for Pixar, but in his free time he does something incredible. Josh illustrates classic scenes from R-rated movies as if they were children’s Golden books. March 1st, Cooley’s very … Continue reading

Lazy or Life Changing: You Decide!

Today is either the greatest day of your natural life, or it’s the day when you permanently throw the peace sign at humanity. Youtuber and inventor, Ben Heck has created a piece of technology that is a TRUE MARVEL OF … Continue reading

Thank You, Pixar.

Angry Baby is still too little to be into movies. Save her love of Elmo’s World (it’s a segment during Sesame Street, for all you non-parents) and Wheel of Fortune, she’d rather dance to the background music than watch television. I know … Continue reading