Over 2 years ago, I first wrote that a new Pee Wee Movie was in the works, read the original post HERE. Well, because every movie takes freaking years to get made the film kinda hasn’t been discussed much since, leaving diehards like … Continue reading

Gimmie Gimmie, I NEED: That 70’s House

San Antonio, Texas is a town famous for many things including a little something called THE ALAMO.   But other than being home to the place where Davy Crockett hung up his Racoon-Skin hat for good (he died during the … Continue reading

Time To Blow Your Minds: Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy are a Couple

1988-1990 New Kids on the Block had a great run at my house. You couldn’t go 5 minutes without hearing one of their cassette tapes blaring from our My First Sony, nor could your eyes escape the merchandise shrine I created in their honor.  Of the … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Texas!

The Republic of Texas was born today 176 years ago, and we’re celebrating at grouchymuffin headquarters! For everyone outside of Texas, March 2, 1836 is the day we declared our independence from Mexico with the Texas Declaration of Independence. As … Continue reading

Happy CEE LO Sunday!

Happy “Super Bowl Sunday.” You’ll notice I put quotations around the day, as today is NOT Super Bowl Sunday at Casa de Angry Baby, it’s the tail-end of my birthday weekend. I’ve had a great birthday filled with well wishes, laughs, … Continue reading

Today is Pee Wee Herman’s Birthday!!!!!

Today is the birthday of the great entertainer Paul Rubens, who you no doubt know as PEE WEE HERMAN! Pee wee is a childhood hero of mine, and last summer I got to fully realize a dream when I saw him … Continue reading

This is JUST the shot of culture this dump needs.

Bow Down!   From time to time, I like to culture you swine up with a little art appreciation. Today, is one of those moments.   You see, as a connoisseur of fine art and exquisite expressions of creativity, I know the good … Continue reading