Paula Deen is Now Selling Her Own Line of Butter at Walmart (The Jokes Write Themselves)

Paw-luh Dain, the high-priestess of Southern decadence is back and greasing the wheels of her lucrative empire with a new line of designer butters. Gone is the post-diabeetus healthier Paula. Once more, Queen Paula of the Butter people has returned to be with her tribe. … Continue reading

Say HOWDY to Our NEWEST Writer: Tater Peelin’ Mama!

It’s a new season, y’all! Saturday, marked the return of Autumn, and what better way to celebrate than with the DEBUT article from our NEWEST guest-poster. Meet Tater Peelin’ Mama! Tater is one smart Mammy. In addition to being supremely … Continue reading

Thanks a Lot, Disney (Alternate Title: Extreme Evil)

I wish I had a more positive note to begin this Tues-the-Extreme Day on. Afterall, today is the day of the week we devote to doing things in the extreme! As our patron saint, Vanilla Ice would say, what I’ve … Continue reading

What a Weekend

To say my weekend was incredible, is an understatement. Last week was poop, I’m not gonna lie, I needed a good one. We kicked it off with Lover Fo’ Life’s Birthday extravaganza at Fogo de Chao, and ended our Friday … Continue reading

Paula Deen Has Been Named in a Lawsuit, Y’all!

Paula Deen has officially become America’s evil Memaw. Radar online reports that Paula Deen and her brother  Bubba Hiers, have been named in a lawsuit by former employee, Lisa Jackson. Among the ingredients in the “Paula’s F*cked Pie,” include: sexual harassment, infliction of … Continue reading

Breaking News!* Paula Deen Has the ‘Betes!

Put down those sticks of butter and stop the mainline of Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup, I’m going to need your FULL attention for this one…PAULA DEEN IS ABOUT TO ANNOUNCE SHE has DIABETES! OH NO, Y’ALL!!!!!!! With the saddening news, Paula can … Continue reading

Paula Deen is so skrewed (in Denmark.)

It’s official, I’m never going to Denmark. The country who has given us legendary hot chicks such as Brigitte Nielsen (the original Red Sonia,) and Helena Christensen, filmmaker Lars Von Trier and a 1/2 of Viggo Mortensen, and home to the … Continue reading