Children’s Books Brought To You By The Letters W, T, and F

Having a kid means your life is forever changed by a little miracle that insists on puking/sh*ting on everything you once held dear.   The lack of self-respect and demeaning things you’ll do for your precious is astonishing. After the initial shock … Continue reading

Dad Illustrates Things He Yells At His Kids, The Result is Hilarious

Nathan Ripperger is an artist, graphic designer, video producer, and the father of FOUR BOYS. As one would imagine, his life is filled with chaos and hi-jinx. Rather than take the slow descent into insanity, Nathan transforms his sons’ shenanigans … Continue reading

Say Hello to This Week’s Caption This Winners!

“You won’t find honey in that hole, Pooh.” – Mad Dad Runners Up: “So who’s the Mommy???” – Megan “Oh bother.” – Jeff Way to go, Mad Dad, you’re our FIRST repeat winner! Send in your topic request and I’ll get … Continue reading

In case anyone wants to get me anything for Christmas…

I’m not going to ruin this quiet reflective evening for you, I just want to bring to you a WONDERFUL CNN Article about a book by Adam Mansbach , a book that when released on June 14th, 2011, may replace … Continue reading

LEGO my Sanity…TEEF TERROR 2011 DAY 1

There isn’t enough I can say about how awesome LEGOS are. Sure, If you are a parent with LEGO-aged children, they are little bits of death to the soles of your barefeet on a saturday afternoon (at least that’s what they … Continue reading

Cute Stuff Always Helps.

Yesterday kinda blew for me. Angry Baby was aloof and took a big hit(add an S) on me, I don’t mind it when she is screaming (read:90% of the time) she’s angry, I feel her pain. But when she’s aloof, it bums me … Continue reading