Post By Mad Dad: Life In Ebola Central

Life In Ebola Central This post is inspired by a couple of co-workers that had a real issue while discussing the ebola “outbreak” in Dallas in an attempt to determine whether Africa was a country or a continent. As an … Continue reading

Afterschool Special: No Mother In Law Jokes, Please

Hi, my name is the Crib Keeper. You may remember me from previous writings and long-winded fart jokes that have appeared on this very website. I’ve been absent from our realm of the absurd for a few days, but I … Continue reading

Survival Mode

Angry Baby’s great-granny is taking this whole 2012 thing seriously. I’d write all about what a crack-pot she was if she wasn’t in my family, but seeing as she is, we’ll just call her eccentric. She’s addicted to the APOCALYPSE shows … Continue reading

After School Special: Glad I’m not her.

Welcome New Member “New parents-to-be have no idea what’s in store for them.” -Parent friend at my baby shower.   A former co-worker just had a baby. Saturday night was her first night home with baby. I’m so glad I’m not her. … Continue reading