This Was Supposed to be OUR WEEK

Hurricane Sandy was a real vindictive tramp to the eastern seaboard. Home girl wrecked shop, flooded and destroyed everything in her path, it was a nightmare. Months later, people are still rebuilding and recovering from Sandy’s cruel impression of Angela … Continue reading

WHAT!? Speak up, I CAN’T HEAR YOU!

Virgin Atlantic is an airline that obviously has more money than they know what to do with, either that or the person in charge of training is insane. The airline is currently developing an Upper Class Dream Suite that will … Continue reading


You know how when you see something so awful and disgusting, you can’t stop thinking about it? If you’ve ever¬†witnessed something TRULY HIDEOUS (J.Lo’s singing,) then you understand the reflexive reaction that occurs afterwards. No, not vomiting, I’m talking about … Continue reading

Dudes: this video will instantly turn you fancy. Ladies: You’re Welcome.

Oooo-Eeeeeee It’s hot as blue blazes out there! For those of you living under a rock, it’s hot in Texas, Y’all. This weekend It’s forecast to be 108 Degrees without the oppressive¬†humidity factored in. I’m telling you what people, Lover … Continue reading

Thank you, Travel and Leisure Magazine.

It’s no mystery I’ve been down in the dumps today. Well, thanks to the judgmental jerks at Travel and Leisure Magazine, things are looking up. WAY UP! You see, my 3 most favorite cities IN THE WORLD, New York, New … Continue reading