After School Special: Revelations

Yesterday I recounted my tale of thwarting a home invasion. I explained that a group of 3 or 4 older teen thugs attempted to enter my home at nearly 2:00am last Thursday while Angry Baby slept and I happened to be … Continue reading

After School Special: In the Knock of Time

99% of the time, this clap-trap chuckle hut is a real joke a thon. Every now and then, because this IS a personal blog and ol’ Cribsy DOES have actual issues, I write a serious post. One that is a … Continue reading

This Post Will Make You Smile (or Wince)

Last Night the Universe was righted just a little. Someone gave Kim Kardashian a shower of flour. Seems the high priestess of pimpin’ crappy products was out shilling her newest fragrance, Eau de Jock Rot True Reflection, when a random … Continue reading