Old Timey Tinder: Completely Suitable For Work

As often people do, I have a hoarded up treasure-trove of great memories from holiday season 2015. One of my favorites, I’m not really at liberty to discuss, but I’ll give you nosey tramps a vague idea. Let’s just say … Continue reading

2013 Will Be The Year Of The Cage

For those of you new to this clap-trap hobo parlor of a website, let me bring you up to speed on a little fact about yours truly. Actually, it’s about my Dad. He’s a no-nonsense fellow with a very dry … Continue reading

Happy Friday, Enjoy The Cage

Did you know that bikers call motor vehicles that aren’t motorcycles, “Cages?” Well they do. And when you think about it, for people used to being free in the elements, whipping around the roads as they please, it IS a … Continue reading

Nicolas Cage + LMFAO Cover = Good News, Dad!

My father likes very few things in this world, matter of fact his list of “likes” can be summed up in 5 items. British Tea War Documentaries Science Fiction Angry Baby and… Nicolas Cage That’s it. Me? My Siblings? Our Mother? He loves us by default, … Continue reading

Nicolas Cage might be an immortal Vampire alternate title: Great News, Dad!

I’m going to start this post off by saying, my pops is a huge Nic Cage fan. I can assure you, he will not read this out of protest and utter disinterest. Antique Dealer, Jack Mord has an antique civil … Continue reading