Artist Depicts 90’s Cartoon Characters On Drugs

The Nineties are back. From television and movies, to fashion that looks like an old episode of MTV’s House of Style puked on a County Seat, everything nineties is cool again. I saw a BODYSUIT on a mannequin last weekend, … Continue reading

Mr. Wizard is Finally Getting His Due

Don Herbert AKA Mr. Wizard, is an icon to many. He created the “Science Show” for children way back in 1951 with “Watch Mr. Wizard.” Eventually, his 1983 Partnership with Nickelodeon opened the door for me and so many others, to … Continue reading

Classic Nick is a HIT! Alternate Title: Duh!

For years, the children of classic Nickelodeon have begged for an outlet to showcase the shows from Nickelodeon’s golden age, the 1990’s. Many purists maintain that the true heyday of Nickelodeon was the 80’s, but I disagree. The nineties are … Continue reading