This Was Supposed to be OUR WEEK

Hurricane Sandy was a real vindictive tramp to the eastern seaboard. Home girl wrecked shop, flooded and destroyed everything in her path, it was a nightmare. Months later, people are still rebuilding and recovering from Sandy’s cruel impression of Angela … Continue reading

Righting A Serious Wrong

Karen Huff Klein is a 69-year-old widow who works as a bus monitor in a New York suburb called, Greece, for a yearly salary of $15,000. Karen can’t afford to retire, as a widowed senior citizen she relies on her paycheck. … Continue reading

Ho ho hoes: Merry Monday!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s MONDAY Hooray!!! <—— Sarcasm. I’ve got an Angry Baby that is cutting two top molars (YIKES!) On top of that, I had one of those weekends where I had absolutely no “downtime.” It’s safe to say there’s a 99% … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Alexander Calder!

Time to class up this joint. with a little ACTUAL Modern Art. No nutty pictures of crazy fan art this time around Today would’ve been Alexander Calder’s 113th birthday, if he hadn’t quit Earth in 1976. Crib Keeper? Who’s Alexander Calder? Alexander … Continue reading

TEEF TERROR 2011: This calls for a Hot Dog.

Peace out, Screaming Baby…We’re taking this SCREAMING TEETHING FREAKSHOW on the road. Mother needs a hotdog. I may not have In-N-Out Burger, but I do have a Sonic near (sorry Gregs!) Anyscreamingbabies, they have been bombarding me with commercials for … Continue reading