Snakes In A Cab (Alternate Title: The Biggest Jerk EVER)

New York Cab driver/ Stunt Queen Jimmy Failla has a new book out all about his adventures driving a cab. To promote the release, and slither into our collective conscience, he decided to pull one low-down, no-good, sh*tty sh*tty, prank. Jimmy … Continue reading

Jimmy McMillan is Back and Ready to Save New York

This clap-trap hobo parlor of a website is usually devoted to elaborate fart jokes and shots of grain alcohol, rarely will you see a post about politics. But sometimes even the most hardened hooligan needs to buckle down and be … Continue reading

Fleet Week 2012: Top O’ The Skank Heap

Today is the beginning of FLEET WEEK 2012 in New York City! A week-long orgy of patriotism, sailors and drunken makeouts, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: FLEET WEEK IS LIKE CHRISTMAS FOR SLUTS LIKE US! It’s a time … Continue reading

Triumph + Louis CK + A REAL WEDDING = Greatest episode of Conan, ever.

Last night you missed a heckuva episode of Conan, good thing I’m here to break down the gems for you… For those of you not hip to the red-haired maven that is Conan O’Brien and his television show on TBS, I say: … Continue reading

The most beautiful hurricane footage ever.

Leave it to New York to have cool footage of annoying Irene. Buffalo Picture House’s Felix Thompson and Brandon Roots risked life and limb (not really) by walking the streets of NYC in the hopes of finding some interesting film. … Continue reading