News Reporter Owns Drunken Video Bomber with Hilarious Results

  Today it is my distinct pleasure to introduce you to your new FAVORITE Local News TV Personality. She’s a precious rainbow of gentle viciousness. Jessica Sanchez, News Reporter for Orlando’s WKMG is not the one you want to f*ck … Continue reading

Wang Beads, That is All

Pretty sure CPS is going to beat down my door after this post, but it’s too embarassing hilarious not to share. As a professional gutter skank and drunk girl about town, I thoroughly enjoyed my 20’s. And while the sky-high bar tabs, … Continue reading

Post On Request: Vacation Dad

I love Walt Disney World. I’ve visited the Resort (because diehards like me refuse to call it a THEME PARK) numerous times. Many would call it an obsessive amount, but not me…I can’t wait to rack up more trips.  Maybe … Continue reading