Jersey Woman Beaten Up By Miami Prostitutes Who Thought She Was Fresh Meat

Attention all grouchymuffin readers, particularly my fellow skanks, sluts, ho-bags, low-down tramps, and hoochies: STAY OUT OF MIAMI!!!! A New Jersey Socialite (lolz at THAT oxymoron) was brutally attacked and beaten by a bevy of Miami Call-girls because they mistook her beautiful femininity … Continue reading

Prehistoric Sea Monster Caught in Jersey (Kill it With Fire)

New Jersey, the garden state and our nation’s go to place for overtanned gaudy baboons, has a new reason for the rest of us to avoid their beloved state. This mojo right here:   What you’re looking at is a mystery … Continue reading

Wait for it…

Some haters are about to get owned. Don’t be jealous  “yous guys” (aka the New Jersey Y’all)  homeboy here is just representin’… True Story: My next-door neighbor kid looks and act just like this nitwit. One day he was BUMPIN’ his massive car stereo in … Continue reading

Just ask for extra donut holes…

Talk about TUES-the-EXTREME day, extreme productivity! A New Jersey woman is out to teach us a thing or two about multi-tasking. Melissa Redmond, a 29-year old Dunkin’ Donuts employee from Mine Hill, New Jersey, was arrested in a sting operation called, I kid … Continue reading