Yesterday it was announced that Playboy Magazine, the catalyst for the entire girly mag industry, is doing away with “fully nude” pictorials. The company claims that the internet has made magazine nudity obsolete. By removing the naked knockouts, Playboy hopes to shed … Continue reading

Now Open For Real: A Bluth Frozen Banana Stand (Because there’s always money in the Banana Stand!)

Arrested Development’s Bluth Family once commanded an entire real estate empire. However, as every fan of the soon to be back sitcom knows, they almost lost it all through shady deals and illegal doings. The humble beginnings for the wealthy … Continue reading

Ben and Jerry’s is publicly wooing me.

Last month, ice creamers Ben and Jerry unveiled the flavor, Schweddy Balls, inspired by the famous Alec Baldwin SNL Skit. I wrote all about it here. And now? Well, it’s becoming clear to me that Ben and Jerry want to make me a diabetic life … Continue reading