Here’s some Incredible Breaking Bad Fan Art, B*tch.

    Sunday, Breaking Bad, the greatest drama in the history of Television concludes. If you haven’t watched the show, please do yourself a favor and watch the first 3 episodes of the series on Netflix. If the show is for … Continue reading

Now Open For Real: A Bluth Frozen Banana Stand (Because there’s always money in the Banana Stand!)

Arrested Development’s Bluth Family once commanded an entire real estate empire. However, as every fan of the soon to be back sitcom knows, they almost lost it all through shady deals and illegal doings. The humble beginnings for the wealthy … Continue reading

These Arrested Development Teaser Posters Will Just Have to Do For Now

On May 26th at 12:01am Netflix is releasing the NEW SEASON of Arrested Development. All at once we’ll be able to watch every one of the 15 brand spanking new chronicles of America’s favorite dysfunctional family. Sadly, 5/26/13 is several weeks … Continue reading

Michael Winslow will blow your mind.

Good Morning my lovelies! ‘Tis a chilly 55 degrees here on this fine Fall morning. Angry Baby is snug in her pink skeleton long-sleeved shirt/pants combo and I am slurping down a homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte. I’m telling you, It … Continue reading

Post by Mad Dad: The Slot

  Welcome to the Thunderdome: The Slot I’ve made no bones about my distaste for Wal-mart … or should I say the dregs of society that frequent the bastion of commercialism and Everyday Low Prices. (I realize that I am … Continue reading