Extremely Gross..whoops, I meant sexy.

Happy Tues-the-Extreme Day! As usual, today is all about living life to the EXTREME! Today is the day where we go out all guns blazing, at whatever it is you love in life. No judging here, we’re just keepin’ it … Continue reading

Extreme Dream Come True* Alternate title: My Corneas!

Greetings friends, today is Tues-the-EXTREME day, and BOY do I have an EXTREME eye-opener to kick the day off with. For those of you who are currently eating, I suggest you finish up before you watch the following, if you’re … Continue reading

Weird Al’s new Video. Alternate title: Nancy Grace should dress like Lady Gaga more often

Weird Al Yankovich is a childhood idol of mine, and he SHOULD be, he single-handedly made accordions cool in pop-music. And hats off to him for still being relevant today. That being said, I NEED THERAPY after seeing this creep fest. … Continue reading