Ghostbusters Donuts (Alternate Title: Crap, Now I Have To Find A Krispy Kreme)

Happy friday kids! Well, we’ve made it through another week, seems like each one is getting a little easier here. Tomorrow marks 7 days since Mom’s funeral, and today my Dad is coming up to spend the day with Angry Baby while … Continue reading

Cheeky and Geeky Valentines You’ll Fall in Love With

Remember when we were kids and Valentine’s Day meant a party in our classroom where we were obligated to give every last kid in class (even the smelly ones) a punched out piece of cardboard with punny sentiments and cruddy … Continue reading

National Treasure: Nicolas Cage Peen Pix Have Been Stolen

Nicolas Cage is a world famous actor and an internet punchline. In addition to accepting every paying gig that comes his way, and never meeting a turquoise cow skull he wouldn’t buy, Nic Cage is my father’s absolute favorite actor. … Continue reading

Huey Lewis and the New Corolla

Where were you on February 21st, 2013? Me? I haven’t a clue. All I know is there’s a 99% chance I was gorging on old Valentine’s candy, but other than that? I’m drawing a blank. 1980’s and Dad Rock Icon, Huey … Continue reading

Nicolas Cage + LMFAO Cover = Good News, Dad!

My father likes very few things in this world, matter of fact his list of “likes” can be summed up in 5 items. British Tea War Documentaries Science Fiction Angry Baby and… Nicolas Cage That’s it. Me? My Siblings? Our Mother? He loves us by default, … Continue reading