Last-minute, Moustache-Have Gifts

Well well well, look at all of you procrastinators out there! Tomorrow starts Hanukkah and Christmas is less than a week away. If I know you time-wasting, lollygaggers correctly, there are a ton of y’all out there scrambling looking for last-minute … Continue reading

Moustache Monday: Happy Holidays Edition!

Merry Moustache Monday, my beautiful babies! It’s that time of the season when we remember the reason for moustache celebration. Lip Sweaters of the world: get ready, today is all about you! Happy Moustache Monday!!! (YES I spell it the European way, MOUSTACHE is funnier, … Continue reading

WE DID IT DWEEBS! We made it to the weekend!

Grab your Magic the gathering cards, get your Broadswords ready, pack your fanny pack and start moonwalking out the door! It’s the weekend y’all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (unless for you it’s not) A 3 DAY WEEKEND AT THAT!!!! (unless for you it’s not) So Let’s … Continue reading