The Flask Scarf: Give Mom A Gift She’ll Love

We’re but 6 days away from Mother’s Day, y’all. If you want to avoid a world-class guilt-trip, you’d best come up with something QUICK! Luckily, I’ve got something perfect and inexpensive. Baxbo, the company behind classy hit, the tie flask, … Continue reading

Tell Mom She’s a Drunk in One Cliche Gift

Sunday is Mother’s Day, the one day of the year we thank the Jackals that gave birth to us. While most of the year you ungrateful brats give your mom nothing more than gum smacks and eye-rolls, Mother’s Day is the time when we actually … Continue reading

Might As Well Cancel Mother’s Day, This Guy Showboated Us All Into the Doghouse

Happy May 1st, you horrible children. I say that because Mother’s day is but 11 days away and there’s a 99% chance you haven’t yet decided what you’re doing for the ol’ gal. Enter this wonderful piece of humanity, Redditor IcarusSoar. … Continue reading

Art Attack on a Plate! Alternate Title: Extreme Lunch!

Happy Tues-the-Extreme Day, my darlings! Yesterday I closed on the house, and this afternoon Angry Baby and I will take our first dip in our NEW POOL! I’m extremely excited and am beaming like a big ol’ ball of sunshine. … Continue reading