Baby Sloth Eating Breakfast Will Make You Forget Your Miserable Existence

You know the crappiest thing about the end of a glorious holiday weekend? RIGHT NOW. Mondays after an extended break are THE WORST! This particular Monday decided to enter my life with no lube bright and early when the battery in my earth … Continue reading

My Current Favorite Internet Timewaster (Alternate Title: Sayonara Productivity!)

With Autumn in full swing and Halloween but mere weeks away, let’s visit one of my FAVORITE internet haunts this time of year, the website for Niagara Fall’s Haunted House, Nightmares Fear Factory. You see, while I’ve never personally been to … Continue reading

Now THIS is how you quit a job!!!

  Meet Joey. Joey worked at the Renaissance Hotel in Providence, RI for over 3 years. During his tenure with the establishment, Joey says management treated him and his fellow employees like they were dog turds covered in monkey feces on a pile … Continue reading