Laughing is Better Than Crying: 25 Hilarious Picture Day WINS

Today is my mother’s birthday, she would have been just 60 years old. It’s also the day I  finish writing my remembrance for Saturday Morning’s celebration of her life. After 6+ years writing professionally, I can honestly say this is the … Continue reading

Tell Mom She’s a Drunk in One Cliche Gift

Sunday is Mother’s Day, the one day of the year we thank the Jackals that gave birth to us. While most of the year you ungrateful brats give your mom nothing more than gum smacks and eye-rolls, Mother’s Day is the time when we actually … Continue reading

Happy Skanks and Candy Day!

Happy Halloween, beautiful readers! Today is the day when you shimmy into poorly constructed polyester costumes and drink the pain of the upcoming holidays away.   As for my plans? Rather than dress up as a “Slutty _____,” <–(insert any noun) I’m squiring the sturdiest and angriest … Continue reading

Home Alone.

Grouchy Granny (who’s not really a grouch,) is watching Angry Baby for the day. Why? Because I’ve got to get some stuff done. Angry Baby has been a real Queen-la-teef-a lately, and I have a deadline tomorrow. I’m running errands, … Continue reading