Achy Breaky Heart Part 2 (The Jokes Write Themselves)

Yesterday, America’s least-favorite swamp rat/ offspring pimper, Billy Ray Cyrus, released a new single and accompanying video titled, “Achy Breaky 2.” The song is a rebooted version of Billy’s early nineties aural abortion, this time featuring aspiring rapper (and son … Continue reading

Miley Cyrus Debuts New Song, ‘We Can’t Stop,’ World Begs Her to “Please Try!”

Miley Cyrus is officially America’s kid sister who has embraced her twenties as the time to prove to the WORLD that she is edgy and hardcore. Remember that time your lil’ sis decided to gage her ears, study Nietzsche, turn vegan and get a tattoo sleeve … Continue reading

Here’s Some Racy Photos of a Sexy Chipmunk Desperately Clawing for Relevance

Miley Cyrus, Y’all. I really don’t get the whole look she’s going for these days. Sorry, if that makes me a hateful hater who loves to be cruel to woodland creatures, so be it. First, Miley dumped the weave and lopped … Continue reading

Beverly Hills Teens, a Primer (My Apologies to L4L)

Dear L4L, Hey there pretty baby. You and I were just chatting on our cellular telephones to one another, and I told you I was going to write about the Most Hilarious Bank Teller in the WORLD. Well, after our conversation … Continue reading