Eat it, Disney!

For the none of you that care, I’m a bit of a Walt Disney World nut. I’ve been more times than I can count, and fancy myself a true Disney expert. I know it seems bizarre a dock skank like yours truly would … Continue reading

JK Rowling’s Plastic Ono Band

JK Rowling, the former street urchin turned successful Author is hitting the ho stroll once again returning to the world of writing. She’s just signed to publish her first adult novel through publisher, Little Brown. The ginger Goddess of spinning … Continue reading

Seize the Death

Death waits for you, and that’s final. How’s that for an opening line, pretty bleak, huh? I never really considered or cared about my mortality until Angry Baby came into the picture. Yeah, I knew Death and Taxes were certain, … Continue reading

$60,000 buys a lot of Celine Dion Concert Tickets

Rich nutjobs and ostentatious Leonardo Di Caprio enthusiasts, take a moment to read the following…everyone else, keep reading, but engage eye-rolling sequences NOW. 2012 is going to be a great year for vacationing to historic maritime disasters. I say this because … Continue reading

Taking a bite out of the nite.

I love the Megalodon shark. While many credible scientists fools consider the Megalodon extinct, I know in my budding Super-Villain bones that THE LORD OF THE DEEP still lives. I’ve said it many times before, but it bears repeating: We know more about … Continue reading

Sharks on a Golf Course!

In a story tailor-made for TUES-THE-EXTREME DAY!!! The Queensland golf course, Carbrook Golf Club has a special feature on the 14th hole water hazard, that makes this place MY NEXT GOLFING DESTINATION! They have LIVE BULLSHARKS LIVING IN THE WATER HAZARD! … Continue reading

Oh snap, Einstein got served.

You gotta hand it to those fools geniuses over at CERN. The Geneva based LARGEST PHYSICS LAB IN THE WORLD, has released some news that is no doubt bumming Einstein’s ghost out. The European Nuclear physicists clocked a neutrino going FASTER … Continue reading

Ghost Host Guest Post by Movie Dude: My Review of Shark Night 3-D

Ho there movie-goers!  It’s your old pal Movie Dude sailin the 7 seas of Shark Night 3D.  Arggg!  What’s that you say?  It’s not set in the ocean?  Well what about a sea or gulf?  No?  A salt water lake huh?  … Continue reading

Beautiful People are Selfish. Alternate Title: Duh.

When I last checked, Time magazine was the mag you got stuck with in the doctor’s office waiting room when all of the “good ones,” were taken. Apparently, they are also into breaking stories that aren’t new news and educating us … Continue reading

Shark Scientists: This is how you do it.

Ok all you Space folks, I know you’re bummed about that thing from the 80’s (the space shuttle,) being discontinued. I’m here to remind you of the OTHER SCIENTIFIC OPPORTUNITIES that could benefit from us no longer throwing our money away on $5,000,000 … Continue reading