“Living Fossil Shark” Found In Australia (Y’all Know Where I’m Going With This One.)

For many of you, my humble little joke shanty of a blog is merely entertainment, a way to laugh the productivity away, and for that I am grateful. Honestly, there’s no greater honor than getting to help you goof off … Continue reading

Megalodon One Step Closer To Being Found

Several years ago, I created this clap-trap hobo parlor of a website as a way to escape the postpartum doldrums dealing with an Angry Baby. Eventually, my kid calmed the Hell down, and grouchymuffin began to delve into other topics … Continue reading

Prehistoric Sea Monster Caught in Jersey (Kill it With Fire)

New Jersey, the garden state and our nation’s go to place for overtanned gaudy baboons, has a new reason for the rest of us to avoid their beloved state. This mojo right here:   What you’re looking at is a mystery … Continue reading

Massive Eye From an Unidentified Creature Washes Up in Florida (You Know What MY Guess is!)

It’s beginning, people. The Megalodon is starting to get bolder! While having a relaxing walk on the beach Wednesday, Gino Covacci, of Pompano Beach, Florida came across what looked like a softball. After he kicked it over to investigate further, he … Continue reading

Great White Hope This is True

Greetings my fine friends. Today is a weekly holiday at grouchymuffin, it’s TUES-the-Extreme Day! No matter who you are and what you’ve got going on today, I urge you to find time to LIVE IN THE EXTREME! Binge drinking, bungee … Continue reading

Caption This Contest: Shark Week Edition

This Sunday, the Discovery Channel’s annual festival of fins, SHARK WEEK 2012 BEGINS! As a life-long shark enthusiast, Shark Week is like my birthday all-week. This is the 25th Annual Shark Week, and as I have every year for the past 25, … Continue reading

Pee Wee Herman is Hittin’ the Movie Theatres Again (Not what it sounds like!)

In 1985 Paul Ruebens and a plucky young director named Tim Burton teamed up  to give the world, “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.”One of the greatest cinematic gifts in the history of film. The movie, from the awe-inspiring breakfast machine, to … Continue reading

Happy Anniversary, My Dearest Readers!!

A year ago, Osama Bin Laden died and a website was born. As of today, May 2nd, 2012 grouchymuffin is one year old. What started as a simple way to work out Postpartum depression and vent about life with an Angry … Continue reading

Massive Great White Shark Caught In Sea Of Cortez

Fishermen have long warned that large, man-eating sharks roam the Sea of Cortez. For years, science laughed at their sunbeaten butts. Well, the joke’s on those eggheads, because lookie what a couple of humble Mexican fisherman pulled out of the Cortez! It’s a 20ft. … Continue reading

A Bittersweet Day for Shark Enthusiasts

What if I told you there was a private yacht in existence with a 120 ton aquarium on board? Well there is. Matter of fact, the private floating aquarium is for one fish only: DEADLY SHARKS. If you’re like me … Continue reading