The Oakridge Boys Saved The President’s Life

Many of you might recall the sads-inducing news earlier this week that Former President George Bush Sr. was in intensive care after a month-long hospitalization. In a holiday miracle, politics were set aside and the country rallied around the president with prayer and warm … Continue reading


“Hookers and cocaine and booze, oh my!” -ABall Runners Up: “The DEA is still investigating just what those bricks are made of.”- ABAuntie “Do not take the Brown Acid. Repeat. Do not take the Brown Acid.” – Uncle Fester … Continue reading

It’s Official: Alcohol Makes You Smarter!

Last month, for those of you sober enough to remember it, I introduced you to the University of Wisconsin Study that found daydreaming made you smarter through enhancing your “Working Memory Capacity.” Well, guess what babies, there’s a NEW study … Continue reading