Introducing The BK Rib, Burger King’s Version of The McRib (Kill it With Fire)

Say there pretty babies, have you sometimes found yourself wishing you had more than one fast food offered seasonal pig snout and yoga mat sandwich? Forgive me, let me restate the question. Ever hoped there were MORE McRIBS in this world? Yeah, me neither. … Continue reading

Post By Mad Dad: Meat is Murder: A Guide to Desire

Meat is murder: A guide to desire Nearly two years ago I made a relatively significant decision in my life: I’d no longer be partaking in any red meat or pork. It was a continuation of these random “New Year’s … Continue reading

Introducing the McRibster! (Book Your Flights to Austria NOW)

Leave it to the Austrians to find a way to be more efficiently American. They’ve introduced the Austrian answer to our McRib, say hello to the McRibster! The country that gave us Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mozart, Hitler (whoops!) and Gustav Klimt … Continue reading