Terrible News for the None of You Who Eat McRibs

Satan Claus is laughing his jingle bells off today as humanity was dealt a massive blow. According to a leaked McDonald’s corporate email, the McRib will not be coming back this Fall. Instead, the fat cats at Mickey D’s are boggarting … Continue reading

Classy Folks Take Note: This is How You Do It

If you are looking for the world’s most glamorous and refined creature, you need not look any further. I’ve found her. It was like any other Tuesday at the local Hattiesburg, Mississippi McDonald’s when all of a sudden, a car fireworks … Continue reading


I’m taking this Teething Tyrant (STAR of “TEEF TERROR 2011”) and heading to lunch with a gal pal, we’ll call her Chi-Town. Should be interesting as 1. Angry Baby is YELLING FOR NO GOOD DANG REASON today. 2. This is one … Continue reading