Extremely Inspiring!

Marty McFly, er…Michael J. Fox. Is there any actor out there who is more inspiring? Alex P. Keaton Michael retired from full-time acting over 10 years ago. His reasons for retiring at such a young age were simple, he was suffering … Continue reading

Things that exist: THE HOVERBOARD (It’s about flipping time!)

Great Scott! The future is NOW! Once upon a time, the greatest time-travel related trilogy was released. Back to the Future followed the shenanigans of Doc Brown and Marty McFly fixing destiny one wormhole at a time. Real talk: the first one is … Continue reading

Father’s Day Weekend is almost upon us!!

Happy FRIDAY babies! We did it! We survived the heatstroke inducing solar flare that has been this week. All that stands between you and the glorious weekend is a mere handful of measly hours, measly hours that can be easily … Continue reading