Funny, Hot, or Both? News Anchor Brian Williams Raps Good Vibrations

I’ve got to hand it to Jimmy Fallon. Prior to inheriting Late Night from Conan O’Brien, I wasn’t much of a fan. To me, he was merely the dude who couldn’t stay in character on Saturday Night Live. Sure, he … Continue reading

Time To Blow Your Minds: Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy are a Couple

1988-1990 New Kids on the Block had a great run at my house. You couldn’t go 5 minutes without hearing one of their cassette tapes blaring from our My First Sony, nor could your eyes escape the merchandise shrine I created in their honor.  Of the … Continue reading

Catching up on yesterday

Yesterday, despite the CRUSHING protest many of us took place in there were SEVERAL items just itching for me to crack wise about, seeing as no one likes to live in the past, I’ll just do a QUICK run through… … Continue reading