Mario Kart Speed Skating is the Greatest Sport of ALL

The Winter Olympics are now over, thank freaking goodness. I don’t think that it’s humanly possible for me to give less f*cks than I do about the stupid winter games. Especially this year when Vladdy Putin, a size queen who … Continue reading

Post By Mad Dad: Videogamedrone

  Videogamedrone: Kart is caring   I talked with my brother-in-law recently and he said his one regret was promoting video games to his son. This admission came at a high-water mark for my nephew.  He had just graduated high … Continue reading

I’m not one to brag. Oh wait, yes I am.

This past weekend the L4L and I celebrated our wedding anniversary with  the “7 YEARS in Heaven Anniversary Weekend Celebration Spectacular(!)” It was glorious. We rode the MEAT TRAIN (not what it sounds like!) Friday afternoon, swung by Jojo’s for her momma’s … Continue reading