Caption This Winner!

“What do you mean nobody brought a lighter?” – Uncle Fester Thanks to ALL who had the guts to enter a Marijuana-themed Caption This! Guess what? All you degenerates were HILARIOUS! Uncle Fester, you know what to do, send me your topic … Continue reading

Caption This: 4/20 Edition!

Stoners, burnouts, wake and bakers, Nanas with glaucoma, pot-heads, snoop dog, your uncle who always, “smells funny,” are all celebrating April 20th, aka 4/20 which is a world-weed Holiday. How do those go-gettum stoners celebrate the day? By smoking tons of pot … Continue reading

To Protect And Service (Himself)

Cops. You either love, fear or have a general disdain for them. Sure, they risk their lives for citizens like you and me daily, but let’s face it, some of them are real dicks. Which is why this next story … Continue reading