Ho ho hoes: Merry Monday!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s MONDAY Hooray!!! <—— Sarcasm. I’ve got an Angry Baby that is cutting two top molars (YIKES!) On top of that, I had one of those weekends where I had absolutely no “downtime.” It’s safe to say there’s a 99% … Continue reading

The World Has Lost a True Hero

Folks, get out your finest bag of Doritos, paw through the entire dang thing, procure the cheesiest (aka most orange) Dorito you can find and raise it high to the sky for Archer West, the genius inventor of AMERICA’S GREATEST GIFT, the Dorito. In … Continue reading

Fergie killed the Star Spangled Banner last night. Alternate title: Extreme Ear Bleed!

Last night Fergie trotted out of her stable, went on a murderous rampage and sang the National Anthem at the Dolphins vs. Patriots game last night. The victims spectators were terrorized and understandably shaken up. You can witness her passing a … Continue reading