Post By Mad Dad: Soccer Seasons In The Sun

Soccer Seasons In The Sun Last fall, I wrote one post about coaching my daughter’s Under-7 soccer team, the Pink Panthers. Only one because … well, needless to say job No. 1 in my association with this blog is to … Continue reading

Post By Mad Dad: Home Sweet Home

The city council of Gun Barrel City is taking things very seriously. This week, the most vital body of city government passed a resolution urging its citizens to gun up “in order to provide for and protect the safety, security … Continue reading

The Most Hilarious Children’s Books That Never Existed

Bob Staake is a living legend in the illustration world. The New Yorker, Mad Magazine and The Wall Street Journal are just a few of the places you might have seen his work. Of course, Bob’s main calling in this … Continue reading

Mad Dad Around The House: The John (A Post By Mad Dad)

Mad Dad Around The House: The John The Wife sent me to Home Depot for a toilet seat. It was tougher than it sounds. For one, it’s rather humiliating. Like buying toilet paper, condoms or tampons and other shoppers and … Continue reading

Post By Mad Dad: Goodbye, Cici’s Pizza

It’s so hard to say goodbye: CiCi’s Pizza Ever dated anyone crazy and think “Man, my life would be so much better without this person in my life!” Clinging to detrimental relationships makes sense: It’s human beings sharing things like … Continue reading

Post By Mad Dad: New Student Orientation

New student orientation  My daughter begins kindergarten in about three months. The other week, the three of us attended something called “Kindercamp,” an open house of sorts where children get to visit the kindergarten classrooms and parents begin to freak … Continue reading

Post By Mad Dad: Kids Are Expensive

Kids Are Expensive I wish I could blow your mind. I don’t feel that I will. Kids are expensive. Very, very expensive. For those with, you know. For those who don’t, you only assume. And it’s not like any of … Continue reading

Mad Dad Feels His Age: An Exercise in Serenity (A Post By Mad Dad)

  Mad Dad Feels His Age: An Exercise in Serenity I visited some friends recently. Their names are James and Lorena. I went to high school with them and, as the joke goes, we “weren’t really friends” (the joke being, … Continue reading

Bad News and Sad News

Greetings Friday revelers, I’m in the midst of lugging, hauling and moving all of my belongings into our new house. Yours truly is covered in an inch of dirt and is beginning to smell like a men’s locker room. I ‘ve got quite a harrowing tale of … Continue reading

Caption This: Easter Edition! THE WINNERS!

Nom nom nom nom… “sweetie, we didn’t get any chocolate this year for Easter.” Blearchh…bleghh…ralph…ughh… – Mansfield Counseling Runners Up: “Why do you think Richard Gere sold us these rabbits so cheap?” – Mad Dad “He loves her with all his … Continue reading